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Melvin Guillard taking a hiatus from the UFC, doesn’t think Rich Clementi won their fight, and so much more…

Pramita Mohapatra of The Baltimore Sun was able to catch up with Melvin Guillard, fresh off of his submission loss to Rich Clementi at UFC 79. This interview is just filled to the brim with gold nuggets of what I like to call “Melvinisms.”

Melvinism #1: Rich Clementi is somehow a coward for exposing Melvin’s weakness.

“Of course, everybody saw that he was the victorious one [at UFC 79] but he sits up there and says, “I’ll stand toe-to-toe with Melvin,” but everybody with their own eyes saw he wasn’t ready to stand up with me. He knew my weakness was my submission game as far as fighting him because he’s a seasoned jiu-jitsu guy — I’ll give him that. As far as me putting my hands on him, I got my respect out of him. So, I’m not even tripping, you know?”

Oh, Melvin. When will you learn? This is MMA. Not boxing. Grab that gi, son.

Melvinism #2: Rich Clementi didn’t win the fight.

“He really didn’t. He didn’t take my heart. I took his heart before he got in the ring. He was scared to fight me before he got in the ring.”

Sure, Melvin. Are we really supposed to believe this garbage? You took his heart? Yeah, it really showed inside the cage. You got punked and you’re salty about it, Melvin. Time to move on.

Melvinism #3: Melvin is working working strictly his jiu jitsu.

“I’m working nothing but my jiu-jitsu. … I got all the good guys around me … so I’m just working the weaknesses in my game. I’m going to give myself six months to a year before my jiu-jitsu is 100 percent.”

I’ll believe it when I see it. And who are “all the good guys.” That tells me nothing. Some schmuck like me could say I’m training with “all the good guys,” but it means nothing.

Melvinism #4: Don’t ever put your nuts on the back of Melvin’s head. That’s just not cool.

“No, I can never understand that and nobody is ever going to make me understand that. He disrespected me after the fight. He put his nuts on the back of my head. When I catch him, I’m going to kick him in his [expletive deleted] nuts.”

I think I have to agree with Melvin, here. Putting your nuts on another man’s head is sort of weird.

Melvinism #5: Melvin’s taking some time off from the UFC.

“I’m going to take a few fights outside the UFC to get back some of my wins. Hopefully, it’s not any all-around chumps. I’m not going to take any fights at 155 [pounds] outside the UFC. I want to fight at 170 [pounds] — a weight class above mine outside the UFC. I’m probably scheduled to fight again in the UFC late March, early April if they bless me with that.

Other than that, I’ll take a lot of side hustles, make some money this year. Being suspended for eight months really hurt my pocket. You can put in the article [that] anybody [who] wants to donate to the Melvin Negro Fund, they can donate to that too because right now my pockets [are] hurting. Being suspended for eight months … I almost had to go work a regular job to survive. I don’t want to have that feeling again.”

Thank God. Melvin needs to get his head on straight before the UFC thinks about bringing him back again. All that natural ability and no focus whatsoever has Guillard falling from grace at an astronomical level. As for the level of competition he’ll be facing in the smaller shows? He better hope he’s fighting all around chumps. He needs to boost his confidence before he thinks about taking on anyone remotely serious.

As for the Melvin Negro Fund? No thanks, dude. So sorry that you might have had to go work a “regular job” like the rest of us poor fools.

Melvinism #6: Melvin backs up his trash talk and has never had his ass beat.

“Yeah, I like to talk [expletive deleted] but I also back it up. I haven’t gotten my ass beat. I haven’t been in a fight yet where somebody has outclassed me or just beat me down. Every fight I’ve been in, the ones I’ve lost have been from submission or a close judges’ decision.”

Guillard still doesn’t realize that he’s fighting in the sport of mixed martial arts and not boxing. Even though he says he’s never been outclassed or gotten his ass beat, that’s exactly what Clementi did to him. This is mixed martial arts, Melvin. Clementi choked you in the cage and he’ll choke you out in the street also.

Melvinism #7: Melvin wants to fight Roger Huerta.

“Well, I wanted to fight Roger Huerta, but they said he’s on vacation right now. So, that fight’s up in the air.”

HAHA! That’s a joke, right? Guillard would need at least four victories in a row over mid to top level competition to even get put in the same locker room as Roger Huerta. Quit, daydreaming, Melvin.

Melvinism #8: If Melvin can’t fight Heurta, he’s praying for strikers.

“Whoever they give me the next fight, I’m hoping and praying it’s a striker … hopefully fight a couple of strikers. Give the crowd what they came to see me do best. The people come to see me stand up and trade punches ‘til I knock someone out. When I’m fighting and struggling to get guys off my back, to try to keep me off the ground, it takes away from what I’m really good at — for the fans.”

“For the fans.” Don’t kid yourself, Melvin. I hope they throw three jiu jitsu guys in a row at you so you finally learn your damn lesson.

The interview is filled with Melvinisms, so I highly suggest clicking here to read the entire thing.

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