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Dana White responds to Gary Shaw

Yahoo! Sports was able to catch up with Dana White and get his reaction to Gary Shaw’s comments yesterday, specifically about the pay per view numbers of the UFC:

“Gary Shaw is (an expletive) loser,” White said. “We beat our pay-per-view numbers from last year. Do you hear that? We beat our pay-per-view numbers from last year. We just don’t brag about it because we don’t talk about our business in the public.”

“And if we were getting competition, it’s not coming from EliteXC and both of the people who are watching their shows. This guy is a low-level bottom feeder. He didn’t like MMA a few years ago, but when he finally couldn’t make money at boxing any more, he came over to this sport to try to leech money out of it.”

Gary Shaw, Dana White just shut you down.

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