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Kenny Florian confirms fight with Joe Lauzon on April 2nd

Kenny Florian confirmed via his e-mail newsletter that he will be facing Joe Lauzon on April 2nd at UFC Fight Night 13:

In an announcement that is liable of starting a riot in the streets of all of New England, I will be fighting another Bostonian, Joe Lauzon, on Spike TV on April 2nd during Ultimate Fight Night 13.

KenFlo has respect for Lauzon’s game as well:

Joe has fought some of the toughest fighters in the game. He is a more experienced mma fighter than myself. Lauzon has a dynamic ground game, slick wrestling and dangerous stand up skills. Plus he has been training with one of the best in the game, B.J Penn.

This fight is now as close to official as it’s going to get before the UFC actually announces it themselves. This should be a pretty fantastic fight. It was believed at one point that Florian would take on the winner of Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida but the lengthy layoff that Huerta has planned has thrown a wrench into the gears of those plans. Good matchmaking by the UFC in a pinch.

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  • josh b says:

    this fight will be very fast paced and full of action! lets see if kenflo can “finish” this fight!

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  • Greg Urban says:

    This is gonna be a great fight…..

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  • Joe says:

    When a young guy challenges the elder (not by much), it is always interesting. My call….Kenny downplays his advantage and it translates into a Joe Bash, not of me, but the little Lauzon.

    Joe needs to swallow soem humble pie.

    Kenny has cardio of a World Soccer Pro, and wins.

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  • Pops says:

    Lauzon’s always braught his A game, and i have doubts that kenflos gonna win becuase lauzon is all round the slickest lightweight next to penn but who knows mma is mma and anyone can win, hopefully it makes it past the first round then it will be exciteing

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