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Phil Baroni has not signed with World Victory Road

In a classic move in the world of Japanese MMA, World Victory Road announced yesterday that Phil Baroni has signed a deal with them to fight Sanae Kikuta in March. Well, according Baroni’s agent, Ken Pavia, that’s not exactly the case:

“World Victory Road is a viable possibility, but we have several other offers on the table and we have to weigh all of our options to make sure that we make the correct move for Phil.”

“World Victory Road has made an attractive offer,” continued Pavia, “but at this point, we just haven’t had enough time to weigh all of our options and make a decision.”

Textbook move from the upstart Japanese promotion. It’s hard to tell where Baroni will end up. According to reports, he has an offer from the WEC, EliteXC, and World Victory Road in Japan. He thinks the WEC is below him. He’s not getting into the UFC. He sort of had to beat Frank Shamrock to get into the UFC and that didn’t happen. The only options left are EliteXC and World Victory Road. EliteXC probably won’t be willing to spend the type of money that Baroni wants, so World Victory Road looks like the most sensible option for Baroni.

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