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Report: UFC close to signing sponsorship deal with Budweiser

That’s the scoop according to Adam Swift at MMA Payout:

Multiple sources within the industry have told that the UFC is on the verge of consummating a deal with Budweiser. Negotiations reportedly began as part of the UFC’s negotiations with CBS. Once the CBS deal stalled, conversations continued between the UFC, Budweiser, and Spike TV.

It should be noted that none of the sources referenced are parties to the negotiations (i.e. placed within the UFC or Budweiser). As a result, the above report should be considered rumor or informed speculation at best. It also bears mentioning that the situation is fluid and can change quickly, as evidenced by similar situations with the UFC and HBO/CBS.

This could be huge for the industry as a whole, right on the heels of a new sponsorship deal with Harley Davidson. It’s been a big gripe from hardcore fans that the UFC can’t get blue chip sponsors on board. If this happens, there won’t be anymore gripes. It should speak volumes about the product that Budweiser is still interested even though the CBS deal has stalled. Great news if it ends up happening.

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