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Sean Sherk to return in May

There has been some speculation that a lightweight title fight between the winner of Joe Stevenson vs. B.J. Penn and Sean Sherk would be put onto the UFC 84 card in Montreal. Now, according to a report from The Fight Network, Sherk is set to return for his title shot in May:

A lightweight title match is not in the cards for the UFC’s Saturday, April 19 event at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Recently stripped champion Sean Sherk has been slated to meet the victor of the upcoming B.J. Penn-Joe Stevenson championship bout at a future UFC event on Saturday, May 24 in Las Vegas, according to close sources in two of the three fighters’ camps.

Let’s just hope he tests clean this time.

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  • garth says:

    i just want to chime in here and say 5 oz. of Pain is RULING as far as news goes over the last few weeks…it’s like you guys kicked it into a new gear, and i like it.

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  • Andrew says:

    I just want to know, can a fighter keep a sample of blood for himself at the same time that he has to give up blood for steroid testing. Doesn’t it make sense that you have a second uncontaminated sample to test just in case the 1st sample comes up dirty? And maybe the fighter can have a lab of their choosing do the testing.

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  • mike wolfe says:

    Sherk should have to fight a few top tier contenders before he gets a title shot. The ‘roid suspension calls his record into question, and he ought to prove his wins were legit by getting a few more while clean. A little penance also sends the message that the UFC takes ‘roids as seriously as state commissions.

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  • ossBASHA says:

    I high doubt the winner will fight again in just over a month. I would have to say this is just a rumor at best.

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