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Wanderlei Silva and Keith Jardine most likely opponents for Chuck Liddell?

Dave Meltzer thinks that these are the two most likely matchups for “The Iceman”:

UFC has yet to decide what is next for Liddell, but the two most viable options are a rematch with Keith Jardine, who upset Liddell via split decision Sept. 22, or coming right back with another match with Silva, with the odds stronger in the direction of the latter match.

It’s hard to understand why either of these fights would be the most viable options. Keith Jardine elevated himself when he beat Chuck Liddell in September. Why should he have to fight him again so soon?

As for a potential rematch with Wanderlei Silva, why make it so soon? Why not wait to have the fight at a later date when a title shot or a title itself is on the line? Sure, everyone would love to see those two go at it again but let’s not milk the money cow dry here. A rematch between Liddell and Silva is a fight that Dana White and company can put in their back pocket for use at a later date in time. Everyone wants to see them go at it again so the fight will sell whether it has title implications or not. And if the fight does end up having title implications then that’s even better for the UFC and company.

My personal view is that the UFC has already decided to give Chuck another title shot granted he beats his next opponent. His next opponent won’t be someone as tough as Silva or Jardine because the UFC wants their guy to have another chance to wear the gold. They’ve spent years building Liddell into a star and during mixed martial arts’ biggest year ever, Chuck Liddell was on the backburner for much of it following two consecutive losses. That’s why they won’t have him fight Silva or Jardine. Too much of a risk for their golden boy.

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