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Eddie Alvarez has choice words for Nick Thompson and more in new interview

Eddie Alvarez is a man with a lot going on right now. He just signed a three-fight contract with EliteXC and is getting prepared to fight for the promotion’s next ShoXC event on Jan. 25 in Atlantic City. Oh, and there’s also the fact that he just recently experienced the birth of his second son. In spite all the chaos, I was still able to get an interview with Alvarez that’s currently available on

It was a fun interview to do, as Alvarez was completely candid on numerous topics. He was especially outspoken about Nick Thompson, who defeated him last April for the BodogFIGHT welterweight title.

When Thompson’s name came up, Alvarez was animated and outspoken. In his defense, I’m not sure if what he said was tongue in cheek or if he was dead serious:

Q: And Thompson has said publicly that he has one fight remaining on his current BodogFIGHT contract. If he was to sign with EliteXC or M-1 Global would you be open to a rematch at that point?

EA: In a second. I would do it in a second but they aren’t going to sign Nick because he’s not good looking enough. Nick doesn’t understand. Yes, you can win fights but at the end of the day that dude is still too ugly to ever succeed in this sport.

Here’s the deal; Nick is always going to be ugly. I can get better at fighting; he beat me fair and square. I can always get better at fighting. I can train and become a better fighter but he’ll always be that ugly and he has to live with that and deal with that (laughs).

Alvarez signed with EliteXC after becoming unhappy with BodogFIGHT. He addresses why he became unhappy during the course of the interview. However, Alvarez still had one fight left on his Bodog contract at the time of his departure and I wanted to know how he was able to get out of his remaining commitment to the promotion:

Q: It has been reported that you had one fight left on your Bodog contract. How were you able to get around that?

EA: When I signed my agreement, I was the MFC (Mix-Fight Championship) welterweight champion, you have to remember that. I transferred over to Bodog; I had been MFC champion for a little while and then MFC combined with Bodog. So my contract was originally with the owners of MFC.

The owners of MFC owned my original contract. Bodog did not own my original contract so when Miguel had a falling out with Bodog and the owners of MFC had a falling out with Bodog, it wasn’t hard to ask them to release me from my contract so I could do what was in my best interests. I think that if it was up to Bodog, honestly, they wouldn’t have let me out of that one remaining fight.

For more, including Alvarez’s reason for finally agreeing to drop from welterweight, his thoughts on a possible fight vs. Nick Diaz, and his thoughts on training with BodogFIGHT women’s champ Tara LaRosa, just click here.

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