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Bas Rutten on why they are bringing Kimbo Slice along slowly

Ever since Kimbo Slice debuted last June, people have clamored for him to face what they perceive as “real” competition instead of former boxers and washed up MMA fighters from the dark ages of the sport. Well, apparently there’s a method to the madness according to a recent interview with Bas Rutten over at

Well his first fight only lasted a little over a minute and then his second fight against Bo Cantrell wasn’t really a fight because it only lasted 19 seconds. So we really didn’t learn very much from those two fights and I want him to fight a tough guy. Tank is definitely a tough guy and maybe he’s going to want people to know that he is still around and he will train hard for this fight. If he doesn’t train hard he’s going to be in a lot of trouble. I want Kimbo’s opponent to make this fight longer than the previous two. I shouldn’t say it but I want him to get hit but not too hard [laughs].

If he sticks with the game plan then we will get a better idea of where he is at. We need to get him some opponents that are going to put up resistance. We will take it from there and then build him up to better opponents. Some people want to rush it and have him fight Fedor but there is too big of a difference in experience. I mean Fedor has something like 24 fights and then all of his Sambo matches. Right now I just need to get him used to fighting in the cage. Kimbo has four fights this year and if he stays injury free and keeps progressing, then I have no problem putting him up against a top 10 fighter.

Bas makes an excellent point. What’s the point in throwing Kimbo to the wolves? He’s going to fight better competition each time out. These fights that he’s taking right now are just to get his feet wet and get used to fighting in a mixed martial arts atmosphere. It’s understandable that people make jokes about Tank Abbott as “legitimate competition.” That clearly doesn’t matter to Bas and it shouldn’t. His job is to ease Kimbo into the sport and build him up fight by fight, not book him against Top 20 guys right away. Give it time and eventually Kimbo will be tested by good fighters. You just can’t expect him to go full bore right out of the gates.

Kimbo is going to win some and Kimbo is going to lose some just like every mixed martial artist does. Bas is just trying to make sure that he’s winning in the beginning and getting the experience needed in order to make Kimbo a successful fighter. What’s so wrong with that?

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  • garth says:

    thankfully, since the money is relatively smaller in MMA as of yet, people aren’t “building up” fighters to 30-0 or the like against outmatched cab drivers.
    And how come Bisping gets McCarthy? Weren’t they building him up already? Why does he get to continue building up at MW?

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  • William W. says:

    Just keep Matt Serra away from Kimbo and all will be fine. :)

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  • Tommy says:

    Abbott is a good call. You get decent name recognition along with testing Kimbo’s chin all while feeling comfortable about your boy being able to secure the win and maybe K.O.’ing Tank to get a buzz going.

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  • SteveXtreme says:

    There’s this guy named Brock Lesnar and he’s taking a different approach to his new career. If Brock’s camp isn’t afraid to put him up against a former champion then why should Kimbo be any different…. Oh yeah cause he doesn’t really have the skill to make it. Let’s just make as much money off of someone while he’s still winning and popular. That seems to be some promoters and fighters agenda. SteveXtreme

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  • JacRabbit says:

    “Oh yeah cause he doesn’t really have the skill to make it.”

    Wow… and where is the substance to support this? With a comment like that you must be training with Kimbo…?

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  • drewdoodoo says:

    I also thought of Brock when reading this. I actually would have picked these two to choose the other’s path. I thought Kimbo would take a big fight or two to cash in, then bail if he wasn’t winning. I thought the UFC would baby Brock a bit more. I don’t care what you think of Mir, a guy in a co-main event against an ex-champ, in his second MMA fight smells more like Elite XC, M-1, or Bodog, rather than the UFC. Almost like the want to get as much out of him as they can from the start, just in case he is a bust.

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  • SteveXtreme says:

    Except for the fact that Brock asked for the fight. Who has Kimbo asked to fight? Sean Gannon? Nuff said.

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