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Georges St. Pierre is irritated with Matt Serra

Georges St. Pierre is apparently not too happy with what Matt Serra had to say about him after their last fight:

“We’ll see what’s going to happen next time. We’ll see if he’s as good at fighting as he is at talking,” Rush said, growing noticeably hot under the collar. “I have respect for him, but he has said a lot of things about me. I will let my fists do the talking next time I fight him. I’ve never answered him back. Next time I fight him, he’s going to feel it.”

“He said I was giving excuses. Which is bad. I shouldn’t say those things. But I did. He said, ‘aw Frenchy, go back to your red wine and hockey game.’ I’m a Frenchy guy … okay man, we’ll see next time. I never answered back to him, but I’m going to let my fist answer back next time. He’s not my friend. I had a good relationship with him. He’s a nice guy, he was a nice guy, until he crossed the line. Perfect. It’s going to be a different story next time.”

If I was Matt Serra I’d be shivering in my boots. This is way worse than when GSP told Matt Hughes “I am not impressed with your performance.” When GSP talks trash it flies so far under the radar because he’s so bad at it. He is such a gentleman that it seems really hard for him to talk garbage about other fighters. But this? This is GSP at his finest. “I’m going to let my fist answer back next time.” You hear that, Matt Serra? His fist!

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