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Georges St. Pierre talks his MMA legacy

In a recent interview with, former UFC welterweight champion and current UFC interim welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre discussed the looming rematch with Matt Serra and what lies ahead for Georges if he regains with 170 lbs. title.

In St. Pierre’s plans for the future his manager, Shari Spenser talks about how once ‘Rush’ regains his title he wants to move up to both the middleweight and light heavyweight classes to challenge for the title.

“He wants to leave a legacy,” Spenser said. “He wants to be the most dominant fighter the UFC and MMA has ever seen, and he intends to accomplish that by dominating the 170-pound weight class, moving up to the 185 weight class and then eventually the light heavyweight class.”

This could be construed as getting a little ahead of himself, as he still has to get past Serra first, and then the likes of Fitch, Parisyan, Penn etc. But how crazy would it be to see St. Pierre fighting someone like Anderson Silva or Dan Henderson or Rampage or Liddell?

I know it’s a long way off thinking about any of that, but its interesting to see what type of mark St. Pierre wants to make in the world of mixed martial arts.

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