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Kimbo and Tank exchange words during EliteXC conference call

EliteXC held a media conference call on Wednesday afternoon to promote their next major card on Saturday, February 16 in Miami, Fla. at the BankUnited Arena on the University of Miami Campus. The card is scheduled to air on Showtime starting at 10 p.m. ET.

Featured on the call were EliteXC live events president Gary Shaw along with Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott, who will be competing against each other in the main event.

The two provided a lot of quote-worthy material in the early going. They threw it to Kimbo for his opening statement, which merely was “What’s up?” Abbott responded by saying that “The fight will last as long as Kimbo’s opening statement.” Not to be outdone, Kimbo responded by saying, “Did you have a six pack or twelve pack before you said that?” Tank said that he doesn’t drink beer because he can afford vodka.

At another point the two exchanged words and Kimbo informed Tank that “You better wear a pad with your cup because you’re going to be pissing blood.”

Kimbo later said he’s “Not looking at Tank, because I see through him.”

At times Tank credited Kimbo for having “heart” and “balls” and for being a “street warrior” but at other times tried to downplay his street fighting rep. Said he barely watched Kimbo’s YouTube clips and hadn’t heard much about him before they met face-to-face in the cage after the Ray Mercer fight and that he wasn’t impressed with Kimbo’s performance in the Mercer fight. When asked to comment on his street fighting background vs. Kimbo’s, Tank stated that when he fought on the streets that there were no refs, rules, or anyone walking around and that you had to accept the possibility of death.

One reporter asked Kimbo is Tank’s vast MMA experience was a concerned and Kimbo said that “Just because a chick in porn has done 100 movies doesn’t mean I’m not going to f— her. I’m still going to get that p—-!”

Other highlights from the call:

– Shaw thanked Kimbo, Tank, and Showtime because he claimed the Feb. 16 card was originally scheduled to be a pay-per-view.

– Tank mentioned he is finishing up a book that is currently 600 pages. He also mentioned discussed the origins of his nickname “Tank.” When he got out of jail in the mid-90s he campaigned to get into the UFC but said they initially turned him down because he didn’t have martial arts credentials. He trumpeted his street fighting credentials but said they really didn’t care. He said that he later got a call from the UFC claiming they had an idea for him and that they would call him “Tank” Abbott based on a street fighter named “Tank” that was portrayed by Clint Eastwood in a movie. Abbott didn’t object and the name has stuck ever since.

Antonio Silva’s opponent will be Gary Turner from Cage Rage. Interestingly enough, Silva is recognized as the Cage Rage heavyweight champion. A reporter asked if it would for the Cage Rage heavyweight title and Shaw answered yes.


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