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Report: UFC 83 in England Canceled

It appears that the UFC has decided not to do a show in England on March 8th, just one week after UFC 82. The report comes from Steve Sievert’s Brawl Sports blog at The Houston Chronicle. It appears that UFC 83 will still take place on that date, just not in England as previously planned:

The UFC has decided against staging UFC 83 in Manchester, England and is working to relocate the show to the U.S.

Although a source I spoke with confirmed that the U.K. event has been cancelled, no specific were provided as to why. However, the show will go on, only here in the states.

My personal feeling is that they should just scrap the whole damn thing altogether. In 2007, a large buzz word around the industry when it comes to mixed martial arts was “oversaturation.” An event one week after UFC 82 would be my definition of “oversaturation,” especially if people are going to have to shell out forty bucks to see both events. The UFC should work towards making people want to buy an event each month instead of making people pick and choose between events. The one saving grace would be if this event was a free Spike TV production.

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