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Tank Abbott talks Kimbo Slice; training hard for fight (video)

Tank Abbott talks about Kimbo Slice, his preparation for this fight, and his career past this fight with Kimbo. Apparently he’s down from 296 lbs. to 258 lbs. Nice work, Tank!

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I always giggle a bit when I see Tank throw a kick.

    I remember he did it against Cabbage in their second fight and it kinda freaked Cabbage out.

    Lookin forward to this fight, they should throw it up onto Youtube as a reference to Kimbo’s earlier fights. Not for any other reason than thats probably the only way I’ll see it.

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  • mike wolfe says:

    The video only shows a few hundred feet of road work. Meanwhile, he’s shown drinking a beer in the octagon and he mentions cocktails several times. Is it just me, or is his commitment to strength and conditioning suspect?

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