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Tito Ortiz beats Gene Simmons on Celebrity Apprentice


On Episode 3 of the Celebrity Apprentice, Tito Ortiz lead the men’s team to their third consecutive win over the girl’s team (this week lead by Gene Simmons). As Project Manager, Ortiz seemed to rely on a lot of his teammates to come up with the sales pitch and execute the plan to sell the Kodak products.

It looked like Tito was going to fall flat on his face as spilled coffee on a laptop caused all his teams artwork to go up in smoke. Then they used Kinkos to print lame banners that didn’t fit their set-up. Tito is lucky he had Steven Baldwin selling his ass off on this task.

Much to The Donald’s dismay, Gene Simmons stubbornly ignored Trump’s advice on who to bring into the boardroom and was told “you’re fired”.

For those keeping score at home, there was no Jenna sighting on this weeks episode.

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