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Shawn Bias wakes from coma, able to speak with family

Great news according to a report from Sherdog:

Former Palace Fighting Championship featherweight titleholder Shawn Bias awoke from his coma Tuesday morning and was lucid enough to speak with family and friends, has confirmed.

Also from the same report, one of Bias’ training partners, George Adkins, talked about the events that ultimately led to Bias’ hospitalization:

Citing police, eyewitness and medical personnel accounts, Adkins said Bias knocked on the door to the wrong party Saturday evening. Though Adkins said he didn’t know why, police were called to the scene. After finding his intended destination (another apartment in the complex) Bias purportedly went outside to apologize to officers who arrived on scene.

“Shawn allegedly took off running,” said Adkins, who acknowledged that he did not know of anyone who witnessed the incident from its inception. “They ended up getting him, and we don’t know exactly how or why he ended up being Tasered several times and struck several times.”

It’s great to hear that Bias’ condition seems to be getting better and we will keep you posted on any developments regarding this story.

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