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Report: Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Josh Barnett in April

Aleksander Emelianenko announced via his official website that he will be fighting on the M-1 Gobal show in Chicago on April 11th. He said that he expects that his opponent could very well be currently unsigned heavyweight free agent Josh Barnett.

This could be a big move for M-1, gobbling up some more of the UFC’s talent pool from which to draw fighters. While it never sounded like Barnett and the UFC were interested in coming to terms with one another and burying the hatchet from years past, it still leaves them without the option of signing Barnett. With the UFC’s heavyweight division in serious need of an infusion of talent, taking a heavyweight like Josh Barnett off the market is a pretty big deal.

Not to mention that if Josh Barnett has signed a deal with M-1, fans would possibly get a matchup that they’ve asked for many times before. If we can’t have Couture vs. Fedor right now then we’ll take Josh Barnett vs. Fedor as a consolation prize until Randy is done with whatever the hell he’s doing.

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