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UFC Fight Night 12 Thoughts & Commentary

Josh Burkman vs. Mike Swick should have been a draw.

There’s no two ways about it. The judge who score the fight 29-29 was absolutely dead on correct. Burkman won the first round. Swick won the second. The last round was a 10-10 round and therefore the fight is a draw. Neither fighter did anything to gain an advantage in the last round. Swick landed a couple of shots and Burkman landed a couple of shots. Was it really Swick’s takedown defense that won him the fight? For either man to win that fight was an injustice to the other. It’s a shame that Burkman now has a loss on his record for a fight that he didn’t lose. No one likes draws, especially when it comes to combat sports but sometimes that’s just the way it has to be.

Is Swick strong enough for 170 lbs.?

That’s the big question coming out of this fight. He looked overpowered by Burkman against the cage and in the clinch. He showed very good takedown defense but still got bullied into the cage a lot by a very strong Burkman. I don’t think that Swick has the strength to deal with the top welterweights in the division. That’s a strange thing to say seeing as that was the big knock on him at 185 lbs. but it could be a problem for him at 170 lbs. as well. I don’t see Swick being able to handle the strength of anybody along the lines of Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, or even Diego Sanchez. Swick will stay at 170 lbs. because he’s committed to the weight class but I don’t think there’s a division that exists for a fighter of his size and frame in MMA right now.

Get well, Drew McFedries.

Drew McFedries looked like he did not want to be in the Octagon tonight. Who can blame him? His mother was tragically murdered three weeks ago and the loss had to have an impact on him. He looked flat tonight and lacked any kind of fire and rightfully so. To ask him to fight on a nationally televised card in front of millions of viewers just weeks after his mother passed is a tall order. Props to McFedries for fulfilling his obligations and not canceling the fight. Here’s to hoping that McFedries is able to get his mind right and comes back strong.

Nate Diaz outclassed Alvin Robinson.

Nate Diaz took it to Alvin Robinson from the outset. He landed a left hook that set up a shot and slammed Robinson to the mat. From there on it was Diaz’s fight. Even when Alvin Robinson swept him on two separate occasions, Diaz ended up with an omoplata the first time and ended the fight with a triangle choke the second time. His jiu jitsu continues to improve and he is becoming a more well rounded fighter each time out. Alvin Robinson was many peoples’ upset pick of the night and Diaz pretty much steamrolled him. Diaz looked great and it’s going to be fun to watch him develop in the UFC.

Thiago Tavares came out flat.

Where was the Thiago Tavares that fought Tyson Griffin? Tavares likely just had a bad outing but he lacked the tenacity and aggressiveness that he showed during the Tyson Griffin fight. Omigawa has a reputation for being tough to finish but Tavares narrowly escaped with a decision win over a fighter that he’s leaps and bounds ahead of. Omigawa is no Tyson Griffin. Tavares is a great young prospect and he has a bright future ahead of him, but tonight was a small hiccup.

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