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UFC 81 Video: Nathan Marquardt and Jeremy Horn ready to dance

I used “ready to dance” in the headline because one time I used “prepared for war” and people got bent out of shape. I just hope I don’t offend people that actually dance.

But I digress, because there’s a pretty damn big fight card this weekend. The heavyweights will have their chance to shine underneath the spotlight but there’s also a pretty interesting matchup of middleweights with Nate Marquardt fighting Jeremy Horn.

Horn has only had a couple of weeks to train but I’m curious what a win here would do for him? Does he fall in line for a title shot?

This will be a highly technical match but the question is, will it be entertaining? I hope it is, because I respect both fighters. I don’t want to see a bunch of hardcore pro wrestling fans take a big you know what on these guys.

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