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There’s no shame in Brock Lesnar’s game

From Yahoo! Sports:

“There’s no shame in losing,” he said. “I lost my first amateur wrestling match as a kid. My coach told me when I was wanting to quit, that you first have to lose before you learn how not to lose. I don’t like to lose so I have to learn not to lose in this sport.”

“Obviously I’m disappointed, but it was a great experience,” he said. “I must have worked on defending that leglock 1,000 times maybe. I thought I was going to get out.”

“I’m here for as long as I can fight here,” Lesnar said. “I love what I’m doing. The company has been great.”

Lesnar has a great attitude coming off his first loss. If there’s anyone who knows adversity, it’s Lesnar. He was offered no wrestling scholarships coming out of high school after amassing a 33-0 record his senior year and had to work his way up through the junior college ranks before going on to dominate the competition in the Big Ten at Minnesota. Losing one fight in MMA to a guy who could be considered the best heavyweight submission artist in the game is not going to phase Lesnar. It’s hard to imagine that he’ll lose two in a row.

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