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Top Five Next Opponents for Brock Lesnar

Disclaimer: The below article is not based on any inside information. It’s merely a list of potential opponents that the UFC should consider for Brock Lesnar’s next match in order to help build him into a bigger star.

Top Five Potential Next Opponents for Brock Lesnar:

1. Carmelo Marrero - He’s not under UFC contract right now but you can change that situation with a phone call. Marrero is a good wrestler while Lesnar is a great wrestler. While Marrero has dropped to light heavyweight I’m sure you could convince him to move back up, which would mean Brock would have an opponent that he could totally rag doll. Credit goes to Sam Cupitt for this idea.

2. Justin McCully - He’s pretty much a ground and pound guy. He has some submissions, but he’s no Frank Mir. Basically, if he doesn’t put Lesnar on his back, I don’t see how he wins.

3. Krzysztof Soszynski – Big, muscular dude. He has the kind of look you can sell to a casual fan. Like Lesnar, he’s a former pro wrestler and is relatively new to MMA. He made tremendous strides last year but I still think Lesnar could destroy him because Lesnar is a big heavyweight while Soszynski is a small one.

4. Wes Sims - A lot of people booed for Lesnar last night but if you put him in a fight against Wes Sims a lot of those same fans would cheer because they dislike Sims even more. Yes, I realize putting Lesnar vs. Sims on a card is very transparent but how many people would mark out seeing Sims getting demolished by Lesnar?

5. Brandon Lee Hinkle - Hinkle is a dangerous opponent against strikers because of his lay and pray style. But what are the chances he gets Lesnar off his feet? Even if he did, he’d be giving up so much weight and strength against Lesnar that I think Brock could turn the tide.

I’d love to hear what other people think of this list as well as any other ideas for possible opponents. Feel free to speak your mind in the comment area of this post.

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