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Kimbo Slice: “Tellin’ my kids there’s no Disney World this year? That’s not happenin’.” (video)

Just yesterday I heard an interview with Alex Marvez of Fox Sports on Steve Cofield’s show and he said that the Tank Abbott vs. Kimbo Slice fight should be “moved to a backyard.”

What is it about Kimbo that drives some people away? If you take a minute to listen to the guy talk you’ll realize that not only is he well spoken but that he’s also taking the sport very seriously. Do you think Bas Rutten and Shawn Tompkins would waste their time with some bum off the street who isn’t going to take the sport seriously? Of course not. Bas Rutten has ten million things going on in his life and he happens to also take time out of his schedule to train Kimbo Slice.

If that doesn’t tell you the guy is serious about the sport then what will? Is he seriously going to have to fight someone like Randy “Handy” Couture or Fedor Emelianenko before people will take him seriously? I’m not asking you to praise him as a worldbeater because he isn’t. We don’t know too much about the guy as an MMA fighter. All I ask is that you give the cat some credit for trying the sport the right way and cleaning up his act. What’s not to like about a rags to riches story? Or are you all just haters?

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