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Fedor wins Russian Combat Sambo Championship effortlessly

Fedor defeated three opponents in under two minutes at the Russian Combat Sambo Championship:

As predicted, Fedor Emelianenko easily won all of his three fights. None of his opponents in this Russian championship forfeited as it has happened before in world and European championships, to the credit of our fighters.

In his first fight, Fedor quickly attacked, after a combination of strikes he took his opponent down and submitted him. The fight was 35 seconds long. His second fight was even shorter – Fedor broke his opponent’s nose on the 10th second.

The final fight against Stanislav Shushko took a little bit longer. Stanislav tried to keep Fedor at a distance using his height advantage, but Fedor closed the distance with a combination, went for a throw and a holddown. Then the fighters ended up in standing position again and the situation happened again – a combination of strikes from the champion, a throw, but this time Fedor finished his attack with a submission and won at 1 minute and 1 seconds.

CLICK HERE for a video of the final fight. Fedor looks like Kobe Bryant at a junior high prep school basketball game.

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