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5 Oz. of Pain Partners with

fighteraccess is proud to announce a partnership with, a community for MMA fighters, managers, promoters, and sponsors. will now use Five Ounces of Pain as their main news feed on the front page of their site.

What is, you ask?

In 2006, Jason Appleton began training to compete in mixed martial art. At 7’0”, 305 lbs., Jason had a background in athletics in basketball, football, and martial arts. When he found out that his wife was pregnant, however, Jason had to switch his life around and found the business side of mixed martial arts to be more in line with his lifestyle. Jason started his own promotion, MMA Big Show, which runs shows locally in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Working in the business of promoting fights, Jason realized just how unorganized the business of mixed martial arts can be, especially at the regional level. When he would find a fighter online that he was interested in booking, there would be no contact information, no photo, bio, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

That’s where comes in. Jason created as a completely free to search and use MMA industry database. It lets you search for fighters based on any variable such as weight, record, hometown, closest airport, photo or no photo, you name it. You can find the fighters you want and get everything from how much they are expecting in pay, bios, the whole nine yards. But the site’s not just about fighters.

The same search parameters that apply to the fighters also apply to managers, promoters, promotions, and sponsors. It has been growing steadily and has the potential to become much bigger as time goes on. Even some UFC vets have been signing up recently such as Sherman Pendergarst. As grows, there will only be more.

We at Five Ounces of Pain encourage you to stop by and see what they’re all about, especially if you’re a fighter, manager, sponsor, or promoter. This kind of website is exactly the kind of thing the industry needs to become more organized. The best part is that it’s totally free!

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