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Chuck Liddell sees no advantage for Shogun

Chuck Liddell talking about his fight with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at Steve Sievert’s Brawl Sports Blog at the Houston Chronicle:

“He’s a good fighter … had a great career in Pride, and I’ll be glad to show him again why UFC is better than Pride. I have the edge in the standup game and the wrestling game, too. His submission game is decent, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with his submission game, either.”

Remember that one time when Chuck Liddell and Dana White went to PRIDE to try to show the world that he and the UFC were better than PRIDE’s fighters? And then he ran into a buzzsaw by the name of Quinton Jackson and lost? I vaguely remember something like that happening. Everyone needs second chances, I guess. Now Chuck is really going to prove to you that the UFC’s fighters are better. Chuck can drop the whole PRIDE versus UFC garbage because it no longer matters, if it ever even mattered in the first place.

What we should focus on, however, is that it’s damn hard to pick against Chuck Liddell given his last performance in the Octagon, a victory over long time nemesis Wanderlei Silva. Shogun is younger than Wanderlei and probably all around better than Wanderlei, but the fact is that he fights with roughly the same style. He may throw more straight punches than Wanderlei but Liddell matches up with him very nicely style wise. It will certainly be interesting to see how this fight unfolds and it should be exciting either way, but I will be hard pressed to pick against Liddell.

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