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“Pee Wee” Herman is no joke

I stole that line from Dann Stupp’s latest Dayton Daily News column as it relates to Dave “Pee Wee” Herman’s performance during the undercard of EliteXC’s “Street Certified” this past Saturday.

After reading Dann’s analysis of Herman’s performance, I am in 100 percent agreement:

The heavyweight pushed his record to 10-0, thanks largely to a phenomenal display of balance in the fight’s opening round. Herman’s opponent, Mario Rinaldi, checked a kick and secured a leg on his towering opponent. However, Herman hopped around on his other leg for a full minute, avoided the takedown, and delivered substantial punishment in the process. The performance earned Herman a huge ovation and an eventual third-round TKO.

Truth be told, I picked Rinaldi in this fight. I considered Herman a prospect, but I just thought that Rinaldi was the better of the two. I was wrong.

The one thing that struck me when meeting Herman last week was that he was laid back. In fact, I thought he was almost too laid back. Hell, he was even smiling during the fight! Obviously I read a little too much into the situation because whatever his approach is to fighting, it’s certainly working.

Herman wrestled at Indiana and has excellent reach, as was plain to see while he was delivering some devastating knees to Rinaldi. He’s still a little green and needs to improve his cardio and technical boxing skills, but Herman is without question for real.

To read the rest of Dann’s column, including his overall thoughts on “Street Certified” and whether rumors that Keith Jardine will fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC 82 are true, just click here.

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