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UFC 81 estimated at 650,000 pay per view buys

According to a report from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, UFC 81 which featured a co-main event featuring Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir will end up at around 650,000 pay per view buys after all the calculations are done.

That is great news for the UFC and Brock Lesnar. He sold a lot of pay per views by himself and people will continue to turn out in droves to see the guy fight.
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  • Evan says:

    well…to everyone who was crying why Brock got paid so much and why he was headlining…there ya go

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  • Kelvin says:

    Evan has tap danced on the correct.

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  • Ivan Trembow says:

    The Observer reported 600,000; not 650,000.

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  • Davey D says:

    I do not think that the Mir/Lesnar fight was the only reason that they did so well on UFC 81. With Rodrigo Nogueira fighting Tim Sylvia for the Interium HW Title, that add’s a lot more to the final equation than most would think. I mean, how many more people were more interested in that bout than the former? I know I was.

    With that, Minotauro became the only person to hold the HW Title in both the UFC & Pride FC. That is amazing. In the end, it just goes to show how big both the UFC & MMA is as whole is right now. Over 600,000 buys = well, well over 3 million people watching at the same time. Keep it going Dana.

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  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Could it be that Dana White isn’t an evil dumbass after all? Hmm. I wonder what that would suggest about his approach to business in general, including the Couture dispute?

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  • dice says:

    Trembow is correct. Meltzer reported 600,000 buys.

    According to Adam Swift this number is actually less than what the UFC was expecting. They were predicting something in the 700,000 buy range. So I find it a little funny that while everyone is lauding these numbers as spectacular; the UFC could very well be disappointed.

    To davey D, the credit for the somewhat large buy rate is given to lesnar and for good reason. I suspect that without him that this card does around 350-400,000 buys (remember that sylvia-couture did 425,000).

    I know I am somewhat of a UFC pessimist but I have a hard time seeing how anyone would think this is nothing more than a one shot deal (former WWE star attempts real combat). I think the curiosity about lesnar has worn off for most casual fans (yet increased for hardcore fans). While this card did very well, the card before it did awful (something around 225,000 buys) and the PPV numbers for the UFC have been declining.

    So I don’t think Dana White is an evil dumbass, but I wouldn’t call him a benevolent genius either.

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