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Robert Drysdale joins Xtreme Couture

Things just got real serious at Xtreme Couture. According to their official blog, their bringing 2007 Abu Dhabi Absolute Champion and highly decorated jiu jitsu player Robert Drysdale into the fold:

2007 Abu-Dhabi Absolute Champion Robert Drysdale is the newest member of Xtreme Couture. Robert just moved to Las Vegas, where he is living full time. He is excited to be the newest addition to our Pro Team where he will train in preparation for his MMA debut. Robert will be instructing the Pro Team in jiu jitsu and will teach the jiu jitsu classes at the gym. He is also going to coach our amateur submission grappling and jiu jitsu teams.

Drysdale submitted Marcelo Garcia in last year’s Absolute Division finals, shocking the jiu jitsu community in the process. Garcia is considered the best jiu jitsu player, pound for pound in the world and Drysdale made him tap. That’s saying something. He’ll now serve as the head jiu jitsu coach for Xtreme Couture while also training to make his mixed martial arts debut.

Xtreme Couture, from a coaching standpoint, may be the best mixed martial arts camp in the world right now. They have coaches at the top levels in wrestling, striking, and now jiu jitsu. Add to that a solid roster of professional fighters and, of course, Randy Couture, and you’ve got one hell of a camp.

  • Patrick says:

    … I really wish I could train there.

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  • d-train says:

    second that… closest place to me is serra jitsu (20 mins) and miletich (10 mins)… isn’t it ironic how mfs would open a school on long island 10 minutes away from serras academy!! i was laughing my ass off when i saw it open a few months ago…

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  • Tas says:


    I’m assuming you were laughing cos the Hughes/Serra rivalry? Hughes doesn’t train with MFS anymore. He has the HIT squad..

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  • bubbfat says:

    beautiful sub. it’s like watching Jeremy Horn gettin tapped by a standing guillotine, it just doesn’t happen very often.

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  • yenny says:

    Xtreme Couture is an excellent fit for everyone involved. Couture will never rest. He will always look for improvement. Grappling will improve at Xtreme Couture and Drysdale will have top level MMA surrounding him.

    Couture cut his MMA teeth at SBF (Straight Blast Gym) in Oregon. Then he progressed into Team Quest with Lindland and Couture and poached SBG’s main coach, Robert Follis. Then birthed Xtreme Couture in Vegas and then acquired Shawn Tompkins to improve it.

    Now with top level guys gravitating to Xtreme Couture… there is “no rest for the best”.

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  • Sergio says:

    You guys don’t wanna know what I’d give to train at Xtreme Couture…


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  • Zack says:

    What weight will Drysdale fight at?

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  • Dirk says:

    He will fight at 205

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