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Mir comments on Lesnar’s potential next opponent

Gary Herman from and recently conducted an interview on with UFC heavyweight Frank Mir. It’s an excellent interview that I recommend you check out.

One piece that stood out to me though was Mir commenting on what he thinks should be next for Lesnar:

Q: Seeing that Lesnar didn’t last very long, do you think he is ready for top competition?

Mir: It depends on who he fights. He needs to be more selective on who he fights. He has a great ground-and-pound game, so that will be his strength. He doesn’t need to fight anyone whose strength is to fight off his back. If he fights Gonzaga, Nogueira, myself or Werdum, Lesnar could have trouble. We all fight well off our backs. Even if he’s winning the fight, he’s in a position that at any time we could end the fight. He needs to fight some top-level strikers. Therefore, he’ll only be in danger until he gets the takedown.

The more and more I think about it, the more I feel that Tim Sylvia would be the perfect next opponent for Lesnar. Sylvia’s standup would be a tremendous threat to Lesnar, but if Lesnar put him on his back I don’t think he’d be the same kind of submission threat that Mir, Gonzaga, or Nogueira represent.

Some might argue that the UFC shouldn’t be so ambitious when it comes to their opponent selection for Lesnar, and I agree. However, with the rate they have him contracted for they aren’t in a financial position to throw him a layup. Every time he fights, the match has to sell.

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