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Dan Henderson training his clinch game for fight with Anderson Silva (video)

Here’s a video of Dan Henderson sparring with Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Xavier Pokam, Fernand Lopez and others, specifically focusing on clinch defense and getting himself off of the cage. The clinch is where this fight will be won or lost. Anderson Silva has the best plum clinch of any mixed martial artist in the game right now and Dan Henderson has an Olympic-caliber Greco-Roman clinch so that area of the fight will be the most interesting.

Who can impose their will and dominate when the fight gets up close and personal? The fighter that controls the clinch will control where the fight takes place and at what pace it will be fought. Even though Henderson looks dog tired in this video he still looks to be well prepared.

  • bigfish042 says:

    Anderson Silva’s Muay Thai is, for lack of better words, sick. His muay thai clinch is crippling for opponents. Just go and watch an Anderson Silva highlight video and particularly pay attention to his muay thai clinch and the muay thai plum. EVERY opponent that is unfortunate enough to get caught in it seems to have no answer for it. Well, they all seem to have the Rich Franklin deer caught in a headlight look in their eyes. It is amazing to watch how EVERYONE struggles and struggles to get out. And most usually eat knee after knee until eventually breaking free. I have never seen someone dominate so many other people by that means over and over again. I just dont see how Hendo escapes damage if he chooses to clinch with Silva.

    I cant wait for this fight!!! I am hoping for an all out war, but I really think that Silva will eventually catch Hendo with his brutal muay thai.

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  • gg says:

    Hendo should go for leglocks or kneebars or something like that.Anderson’s feet are his weak point.

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  • Hard Ass says:

    Anderson has lost to some serious scrubs in the past!! Hendo will be his first tough fight in a long while (I don’t count Franklin as a tough fight) but if you do, then thats one tough opponnet in years. He’s officially in over his head with Hendo and is going to get the SHIT kicked out of him. I don’t look for this to past the 4 min mark of round one! I predict that Silva will be hospitalized and maybe even crippled after this fight. Then we’ll have 185, 205 and Heavyweight Champs……PRIDE!!!!

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  • Jonathan says:

    Hendo is going to wreck shop. Silva has not fought anybody as tough as him in the ufc. I predict he’ll be gounded and pounded into stoppage.

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  • d-train says:

    i realize that hendo is dog ass tired in this video but his defense to the plum doesn’t look like it’ll work against silva… i’m not trying to bash hendo cause i know he’d probibly wreck 9 out of 10 middleweights, but silva is just on another level… i’d say round 2 tko, hendo won’t be able to defend himself ala marquardt’s fight…
    and the future of the 185 lb class is…. ricardo almeida

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  • ctownhood says:

    Yeah…I am a Hendo fan, but he ha tries to defend Silva’s Muay Thai clinch that way, it could be lights out. Silva is the most efficient striker I have ever seen…seems everything he throws lands with pinpoint accuracy.

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  • bigfish042 says:

    I just cant see Hendo avoiding damage if he gets caught in Silva deadly muay thai clinch. When he secures the plum it is almost unbelievable watching how people of all strength and size desperately struggle to get out……and most aren’t successful. It amazes me how he seems to effortlessly control his opponents in his thai clinch

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  • Luke Thomas says:

    Everyone is suggesting Hendo’s got no chance in the clinch, but no one is saying what – precisely – Hendo is doing wrong in this video. If you notice, he’s angling his hips over and grabbing a Russian perpendicular to his opponents so he can set up the knee-tap takedown. I don’t think Hendo’s going to “avoid” damage in clinch, but a) that’s a GREAT takedown for Hendo to use in the clinch and he will get it and b) NO ONE has ever KO’ed Henderson. No one. Almost no one has even rocked him and he’s made a history of fighting much bigger guys including heavyweights.

    Henderson is going to be hurt after this fight, no question. But people are sleeping on Hendo in this one big time. Silva is going to get thrown like a rag doll, whether he clinches or not. It’s going to be close, it’s going to be competitive and but Hendo is the type of fighter that does not compliment Silva’s style. I believe we’ll see a new champ.

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