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Hermes Franca is a free agent

The man himself has confirmed it on the Underground Forum after there had been some speculation that the UFC had dropped him from the roster:

After my fight i was suspended for a year,i could not fight in USA,so i got some calls to fight in canada ,england,japan etc…,so i ask Mr.Joe silva to finish my contract with UFC, i told him i need to fight to make money ,told him to please let me fight and finish my contract( i was out of focus)and his gently did it..So , i spoke with Mr.Armando Garcia, and he told me , if i do some fights out of USA i could not fight in USA anymore never,So i decide don’t fight and wait until july,So now i don’t have any contract, but of course i will try come back to the UFC( just if u guys wish hermes franca back again lol), or wait for another offer from another organization. That’s it.

My, oh my. Hermes was honest and up front about his steroid use and he has received a completely raw deal ever since then. A one year suspension which has led him to make decisions like the ones above really make you wonder why someone who admits his guilt and admits his mistake is punished so harshly. From number one contender to free agent.

Sure, in the end it was Hermes’ decision to ask Joe Silva to end his contract but he didn’t have to be put in this situation to begin with. The California State Athletic Commission is putting this message out to fighters who use steroids that making up some excuse about how the drugs got into your system will get you a more lenient sentence and that’s a horrible message to push. They may not be doing it intentionally but that’s the effect that it’s having.

All that being said, Hermes is a pretty high profile free agent as far as free agents go in MMA right now. He’s a former number one contender for the UFC lightweight title, former WEC lightweight champion, and has a number of quality wins under his belt. If he can’t get back in with the UFC then he would be a very solid addition to any other promotion’s 155 or 145 class.

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