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Wanderlei Silva will sign agreement to fight Keith Jardine at UFC 84

According to Wanderlei Silva’s personal blog, he is signing the bout agreement to fight Keith Jardine at UFC 84. MMA Weekly has the translation from Silva’s blog:

“I’m leaving right now to sign the Jardine fight contract and you are the first ones to know officially,” said Silva on his website on Friday. “I am starting to train hard again to be able to get the victory.”

“This week I went to talk to (Randy) Couture and I’ve asked him to be my new coach. He was very happy with my wish and he will teach me some wrestling. I’ll be doing the fighting training with his athletes in a time where everybody train together.”

So there you have it. Looks like we can stop speculating now as it looks like this fight is almost a certainty. Certainly another good fight to look forward to and it’s no cupcake fight for either guy. It will be interesting to see how Jardine’s kicks will affect Wanderlei’s game during the fight. Will they have the same effect that they did on Chuck Liddell?

Liddell is a guy that likes to reset and then let his hands go and Jardine’s kicks always made him stop and reset. With Wanderlei, he has a style where he comes right at you so he may be willing to eat a lot of kicks in order to close the distance on Jardine. Let’s also not forget that Jardine was manhandled in the clinch by Houston Alexander. Silva’s clinch game is lightyears ahead of Houston’s.

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