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Matt Lindland signs with…someone

According to MMA Weekly, Matt Lindland has signed a three fight contract with a new MMA promotion yet to be named:

He dispelled rumors that he had signed with the new Dream promotion in Japan, saying, “I’ve never talked to them. I actually did sign a contract (Friday) with another company, though.”

Because of the sensitive nature of the promotion he has signed with, Lindland stopped short of saying who the new company is.

“I’m kind of holding off. I sent an email saying, ‘when can we make announcements?’ I can tell you I signed a very nice contract for three fights within the next twelve months,” he informed.

Lindland also had to take a parting shot at the UFC and their payscale:

“Everybody makes a big deal about not fighting in the UFC. I can tell you, I signed a contract and my first fight I’m going to make more than I made in like six fights in the UFC,” he stated. “The most I ever made in the UFC with the win bonus and the show money was $36,000. “

Lindland is one of the best middleweight fighters in the world and the UFC either couldn’t or wouldn’t nab him up. I know Lindland isn’t the most exciting fighter in the world but then again, neither is Yushin Okami, right?

I hope Lindland has chosen wisely when deciding which promotion to put his trust into. There are so many nickel and dimers in this business who will use fighters, not pay them, ask them to fight for free and tear up their contracts on the spot and “agree” to be paid later (see: WCO), or people who don’t know how to manage any kind of money at all. There’s a new MMA promotion starting every other day who either have one show and fade away into obscurity or never even have a show at all. For Lindland’s sake I hope he’s found a company with a solid foundation.

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