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Does Kim Couture deserve this much exposure? Damn right she does!


I agree with Steve Cofield on a lot of things, but not everything.

I’m late to the party with this, as I believe Steve posted this last week, but I still think it is relevant as Kim Couture’s amateur Muay Thai match is slated to air on HDNet on Friday.

Steve, like many others, is questioning the amount of attention the UFC heavyweight champion’s wife is getting in regard to her debut:

Is anyone going to watch this Kim Couture fight? She speaks on HDNet’s InsideMMA along with Gina Carano.

Congrats to Randy’s wife, Kim, for trying her hand in the fight game. From a purity standpoint, aren’t there 100s of women who have legit accomplishments in the ring/cage who deserve the TV/online time? We assume she’s equipped to handle a real fight and it doesn’t go the way of Johnny Morton’s debut. Morton was only given a spot on an MMA card based on his name.

Cofield makes a valid point but I don’t begrudge Kim Couture. Nobody is holding a gun to HDNet’s head telling them they have to televise the Xtreme Couture smoker. Mark Cuban’s high-definition network has made it very clear they’d like to televise as much MMA as possible. Randy Couture’s wife making her fighting debut is noteworthy and if you’re able to televise it, why not?

There are a great many more women more deserving of the exposure, but has Kim Couture said anything to the contrary? And at the end of the day, is Kim Couture fighting not a great thing for female MMA? Female MMA has come a long way but it still has a lot of respect to earn in the minds of many MMA fans. The exposure and attention that a high-profile participant such as Kim Couture can bring to female fighters is not a bad thing.


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