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IFL to use Team Tompkins as team name instead of Xtreme Couture

Adam Swift of is reporting that the IFL will use Team Tompkins as the name of the Tompkins-coached team in the IFL at tonight’s event instead of using the team name of Xtreme Couture. He was able to obtain the following statement from Joe Favorito, Senior VP of Communications with the IFL:

Given the ongoing litigation between Extreme Couture and the UFC, we were asked by Extreme Couture Wednesday to not use the Extreme Couture camp name in our event this Friday. Out of respect for Randy and his team in this difficult situation, the camp will take the name Team Tompkins. Shawn Tompkins is coaching this Friday as already announced for this Friday’s event. The IFL is not in any way involved in this litigation, we are doing this out of professional courtesy for Randy and his group.

Has it really come to this? A bunch of Randy Couture’s guys are fighting in the IFL and they can’t even fight under his banner? What a joke. Props to Couture for being the bigger person and yanking his name from the event before it got any uglier. Wouldn’t want to do anything to upset the big, bad UFC.

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