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Dana White: Jon Fitch “is in line for a title shot” after GSP vs. Serra

Apparently Jon Fitch’s 8-0 record inside the Octagon have earned him a title shot according to a report at the Dayton Daily News. Here’s a quote from Dana White on the matter:

“This kid, in my opinion … he has the Chuck Liddell mentality,” said UFC president Dana White, referring to the UFC’s iconic superstar. “This kid will fight anyone, anywhere … He’s definitely paid his dues.

“He is in line for a title shot once this whole Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre thing gets figured out.”

I have to agree with Dana, here. He certainly has earned his way to a title shot. One would have to think that it will most likely be against Georges St. Pierre, although Serra could do the unthinkable twice in a row. If St. Pierre does win, I don’t see Fitch winning a fight between the two. It would probably be a real grinder of a fight, similar to what we saw when St. Pierre fought Josh Koscheck. GSP’s game is so tight that even someone as well rounded as Fitch will have a lot of trouble with him, especially on the feet. Win or lose, Fitch has paid his dues and congrats to him for earning the title shot.

The real question is: What is Karo Parisyian thinking about all this?

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