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Report: ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 in July

According to the Dave Meltzer in this week’s print edition of the Wrestling Observer, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Forrest Griffin will square off in a light heavyweight title bout on July 5th at UFC 86.

Fireworks and fights, baby.

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  • dice says:

    This is practically 10 months from the last time Jackson defended his title. We doing title fights once a year now?

    ps Yes I know Rampage had a wrist injury (never heard the UFC say much about it), but it seems like the UFC didn’t learn much from the Serra/Hughes TUF debacle.

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  • Adam Morgan says:


    I think what you’re seeing is a move to have the UFC champions fight a maximum of 2 times a year. If BJ beats Sherk, I doubt we’ll see him until maybe December or January.

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  • Ian says:

    Which would suck, considering how stacked the 155 division in the UFC is.

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  • david says:

    Nice, as long as we get da fight on 4th of july weeknd. i wonder wer its gona b at.

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  • slimm says:

    “where is going to be”
    only one place vegas baby, ofcourse im just guessing about that…..

    ive been looking forward to this fight personally, just as im looking forward to watching chuck v shogun the LW division is going to be heating up (finally) there is a great deal of talent now if joe silva can put these “must see” fights together in all the divisions the title fights #1 contender fights and on should be great to keep up with…… just please utilize the talent, dont be afraid to put someone upagainst another in fear that a “golden boy” might lose…. make jon fight karo and so on, see who is the #1 after gsp v serra, just my opinion, ofcourse im wrong in someones eyes, cheers

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    so is Shogun a definite for chuck? cos UFC havent officially anounced it. they say chuck is fighting in england and opponent to be announced. but havent we known its gonna be shogun for a while now? i guess its just UFC not anouncing until the contract is 100%?

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  • slimm says:

    To my knowledge they (shogun & liddell) are set to fight, they both have stated that they’ve signed their respective contracts to fight one another, chuck says it on his website, but your right nothing is official til ufc posts it/states it…..

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  • dice says:

    # 2 Adam Morgan Says:
    March 3rd, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    “I think what you’re seeing is a move to have the UFC champions fight a maximum of 2 times a year. If BJ beats Sherk, I doubt we’ll see him until maybe December or January.”

    I orginally thought that this was going to be the move but it really hasn’t been the case. Jackson is more of the exception than the rule right now. I think it more of what works for the UFC at this point. Silva fought 4 times in a 13 month period. Couture, if he would have taken the Nog fight, would have fought 3 times in a year. Having your champ fight no more than twice a year means that you can only have 10 title fights a year. This means that the UFC is bound to have 3-5 cards a year with no title fight (depending on whether they double up title fights for certain cards), which is something I think they should avoid.

    Personally I think it sucks that we have seen a champ (silva) be extremely active in a weak division while watching the welterweight division pretty much stall, even though there are a number of contenders waiting in the wings. Injuries will always play a part, but it seems pretty obvious to me that the UFC doesn’t seem to think as far ahead as some people think (hint: avoid having TUF shows that set up title fights between coaches when their division is stacked).

    If Penn were to beat Sherk and fight in dec/jan that would be his 3rd fight in a 12 month period, which I think is just about the right amount of activity for title holders.

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  • true mma fan says:

    stephan bonner isn’t even in the top 10 2 wins by desicion
    maybe jardine is in the top ten but not top 5 and got put to sleep ZZzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ
    elvis sinosec not in top 10 he won by tko
    who the hell is hector ramirez not in UFC AND NOT TOP20
    wow an overrated but good tito ortiz at the time was top 10 but not top 5 and he lost
    then theres shogun who hadn’t fought in the ufc let alone a cage and was also out of shape and this ais a fact cause he was gassed in the end of the first round and he still gave forrest the fight of his life till the rnc

    so please can someone tell me where in this list of nobody’s and somewhat somebody’s is griffin in the top 5 let alone #1 contender cause how is it you can be devistatingley put to sleep by a maybe top 10 fighter then win against a nobody and get a match with ring rusted rua for the #1 seat
    it just baffles me how the UFC has been going downhill in their match up selections. i would love to hear from someone who has been watching reall mma fights for almost as long as i have and not be bias to their fighter casue i am not a griffin fan nore a rampage fan just a true to heart mma fan
    i’m not taking anything away from griffin cause he is a semi good fighter
    and i beleive you are right with the title fight situations cause having such a long lay off for a title is bull and now they are having mir vs nog as coaches with another long lay off for the heavy weight title which i don’t think mir deserves at all just cause who has he fought other then a no fight holding lesner which was handeling MIR from the begining till they stood them up and took a point away from lesner for the punch to the back of the head which was way to fast of a call .
    i understand they don’t want fighters to get to seriousley injured but if a fighter aims and hits his opponent in the back of the head it’s understandable but if you have an open face shot and your opponet turns away and you hit him in the back of the head there shouldn’t be any points taken for that

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