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Winner of Fitch, Koscheck autographed t-shirts contest is…

The winner of the autographed Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck t-shirts for the best caption of the Fitch/Fioravanti action shot is….

Entry #117 Anthony.

Why don’t you look at me in the eyes when we do this?!

There were many, many variations on this same theme and we feel this one did the best job of making us laugh without going to far.  Anthony kept it simple and funny.

Thanks to everyone for participating and big thanks to Mar Clothing, Jon Fitch and Kos for supplying such a great prize.  Look forward to more contests with great prizes from Five Ounces of Pain!

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    I was reading all of the entrys and I could not agree more. Way to go Anthony!!

    Seacrest OUT!!!

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  • Paul Hanna says:

    Ryan Seacrest?

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  • Anthony says:

    Thanks you guys. I can’t wait to receive the shirts. And thanks to Mar and Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck. Both great fighters.

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