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5 Oz. of Pain on What’s next for Anderson Silva

anderson-silva-ufc-82-winner.jpg By now you’ve probably read several articles trying to project what might be next for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. I’ve pretty much written the same article for my column this week, except I tried to think out of the box with some of the possibilities I presented. Yeah, I had some convention options such as Yushin Okami or a change in weight class, but I also propose the idea of Silva fighting Frank Shamrock:

Frank Shamrock: One of the coolest things that I think the UFC has ever done is promote a match between Matt Hughes and Royce Gracie. Going into that fight I had no doubts about what the outcome would be, but I was still pretty geeked up to see it.

I’d love to see the same thing done for Silva, but the problem is there really aren’t any “living legend” types at middleweight because it’s a weight class that is relatively new to the sport.

But perhaps I misspoke when I said there aren’t anything “living legends” at middleweight. There’s always Frank Shamrock. Or is there?

Silva vs. Shamrock has zero chance of happening because of Shamrock’s long-standing feud with the UFC’s current ownership. But if we lived in a utopian MMA society, then we’d see it happen, because there are too many reasons why this fight should take place. There are critics who claim Silva isn’t marketable to the UFC’s mainstream audience and that he can’t draw a huge buy rate on PPV.

In some aspects, the critics might be right, but there is still time for Silva to emerge as a star and there are still things the UFC can do to help build him further. Putting him in a situation where he could dismantle Shamrock would be one of them. A high-profile win over a Shamrock would no doubt increase Silva’s profile because Frank Shamrock’s name still means something to many UFC fans.

In order to read my full run down, including my conclusion as to what I think is most likely happen next with Silva, just click here.

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