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Recap of Randy Couture’s appearance on “Bubba”

By David Andrest

Randy and Kim Couture were a guests on this morning’s “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” heard on 102.5 FM Tampa and 105.1 FM in Jacksonville. They are in the Tampa area this week to do a promotion at Nordstrom’s in Westshore Plaza to celebrate Nordstrom’s carrying the Xtreme Couture clothing line in their retail outlets.

The crew talked about Kim’s first fight. Kim said Randy thought she won 2 out of 3 rounds of the smoker. Kim said she liked the pressure and felt comfortable from being around Randy and his fights for the last few years. It ws also mentioned that she will have her first amateur MMA fight on April 5th against Jessica Cruz, and she believes it will probably be broadcast on HDNet. It was also mentioned by the pair that Kim would like to get enough fights under her belt so she could possibly fight on the preliminary card when Randy finally gets a chance to square off against Fedor.

When asked his thoughts on the Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson fight at UFC 82 Randy s aid he was surprised that “Danny got handled” and doesn’t see anyone beating Silva at this time.

When asked about upcoming projects, Randy discussed “The Scorpion King” movie that will be coming out in August in which he plays the role of the Scorpion King. He also mentioned that he has two other movies that will be released in April. “Big Stan” which is a prison comedy, and “Red Belt,” an MMA movie by David Mamet. The gang had fun with Randy on the topic on love scenes in movies, and it was mentioned that his first ever on-screen love scene will take place in “The Scorpion King” along side his wife Kim.

When asked if he wagers on the fights at all, Randy said he had only bet on fighting once. And that was the Phil Baroni vs. Evan Tanner fight. He said Tanner was considered an underdog at the time and he felt he would win. Since then he hasn’t bet on any fights including his own.

The show expressed that they missed hearing Randy during the PPV’s and wondered if he had aspirations of broadcasting again. Randy said he looks forward to it and he would definitely return after his non-compete expires in October.

The inevitable topic of a fight with Fedor was brought up, and Randy explained that he
still wants to fight Fedor. Says Fedor is one of the best and is well rounded and explosive and that is why he wants to fight him. Said it was no disrespect to current UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira but he has been beaten by Fedor twice. Couture’s non-compete for fights end in July and said HDNet wants the Fedor vs. Randy fight.

Couture was asked if he saw any of the up and coming promotions making a run at UFC.

  • On Golden Boy; he said they could be VERY good for the sport.
  • On EliteXC; he said they have a long way to go with production value
  • On HDNet; is coming along slow, but is doing MMA right.

He was asked about Rampage vs. Forrest Griffin in July. Randy says the Griffin vs. Rampage will be a great fight, and as always people shouldn’t count out Forrest.

They eventually got to Couture’s departure from the UFC and they asked him if it was about the money. Randy said “no” and that it was all about respect. He said although he has been paid very well to fight for the UFC there is an issue with the money in general across the board. He says if you look at the big picture there is an issue. With fighter
pay being what it is, and all expenses coming from the fighters (i.e. hospital bills, etc.).

When asked if there needed to be a fighters “union or organization” he seemed to agree with the idea. He used Matt Serra as a perfect example. Couture said Serra was injured getting ready for a PPV title fight against GSP. Not only does Serra have to pay for his doctors and rehab bill, he lost the opportunity. He felt that organizations should have a way to better take care of talent and implied that some of the new organizations coming up will probably do so.

He also expressed that MMA is in need an independent organization to rank fighters so that the best fighters could be officially ranked and then promotions need to make the fights happen. Couture says growth and integrity will slow or stop if the top fighters are not allowed to fight each other.

Randy said Brock Lesnar has a ton of potential. And will become a force in the heavyweight division with some more time, and thought the match up with Frank Mir was a bad move on the part of the UFC.

In an interesting development, Couture spoke of trying to set up a submission grappling match with Kurt Angle. Said nothing was finalized. When asked if he would win, Randy
said he has kept his competitive edge up. Felt his body was in better shape with less injuries and that he is more experienced and feels he will win. The match could possibly take place in the Pro Submission League.

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