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Dana White sounds off

Carlos Arias, of the Orange County Register, recently conducted an interview with UFC president Dana White. Dana had some very interesting things to say about a number of different topics.

On the HBO deal falling through:

“See everybody is out there yapping like they know what they are talking about because they think I wanted too much control and all this (expletive) like the HBO deal. We had a couple of issues with the HBO deal, but nothing negative, nothing that … whatever. I’m still talking to HBO.”

On the Bud Light sponsorship and the EliteXC/CBS deal:

“People want to talk about (expletive) CBS. The only positive thing about the CBS deal is the fact that (President and CEO of CBS Corporation) Les Moonves, who is a legend in the television business, is interested in the sport. That’s big for the sport as a whole. But as far as monster (expletive) announcements and things that are huge, there is nothing bigger than the fact that the UFC signed (expletive) Anheuser Busch. They are the top sports marketing company in the world. They are No. 1, and when I say they are No. 1, No. 2 is so far below them it is not even funny. It’s gonna be big. I look at more, ‘Hey, it’s great. We got Bud Light as a sponsor. That’s fantastic.’ But these guys are going to be strategic partners for us. And I don’t think people really realize what that means and what that’s going to do for the UFC and fighters for the next couple of years.”

On the UFC being the big leagues, no matter what:

“You think of this. You come over to my house this weekend and we kick back and watch TV. We put on (expletive) NASCAR. We’re like, ‘Holy (expletive). Look at all the (expletive) people at this race. All those fans and this and that. These guys got television deals and merchandise deals and all this crazy (expletive). You know what? Let’s steal two of their drivers, and let’s start our own (expletive) company. We’ll call it (expletive), you know, GASCAR instead of (expletive) NASCAR.’ That’s how (expletive) stupid it is. It’s the exact same thing, you know. NASCAR is huge. Nobody is going to jump out and start competing with NASCAR. But small races go on every weekend all over the country. All these guys eventually want to make it to NASCAR and become professional drivers.

On the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter:

“It’s awesome bro. It’s so (expletive) awesome. I’m telling you right now, I’m so proud of the kids on this season. These (expletive) guys came to fight. They came to fight and anybody who is a fight fan, at the end of the day, what you want to see is great fights. I think that’s one of the things, when you talk about the UFC, that’s one of the things that we deliver on. When you pay your money, whether it’s for pay-per-view or you buy a ticket to the event, you get to see not just one great fight, a (expletive) whole night of greatt fights. One of the things that we’ve always wanted to bring back, and I think we’ve been successful, is bringing back great fights on free TV. For the fights you are going to see on this season of The Ultimate Fighter, and it doesn’t cost you a (expletive) dime, I’m telling you it’s the best entertainment on television.”

This interview is a very good read and I highly suggest taking a look at the rest of it. The above is just the highlights. Dana seems incredibly angry for some reason. There are parts of the interview where he’s asked a question and he doesn’t even attempt to answer it, he just goes on a ridiculous rant for awhile. And for as much as he says the rest of the organizations aren’t doing anything, he sure talks about them a lot and gives them a lot of play. Anyways, like I said, I highly suggest reading the whole thing. It seems that Dana is on edge.

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