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Dana White sounds off

Carlos Arias, of the Orange County Register, recently conducted an interview with UFC president Dana White. Dana had some very interesting things to say about a number of different topics.

On the HBO deal falling through:

“See everybody is out there yapping like they know what they are talking about because they think I wanted too much control and all this (expletive) like the HBO deal. We had a couple of issues with the HBO deal, but nothing negative, nothing that … whatever. I’m still talking to HBO.”

On the Bud Light sponsorship and the EliteXC/CBS deal:

“People want to talk about (expletive) CBS. The only positive thing about the CBS deal is the fact that (President and CEO of CBS Corporation) Les Moonves, who is a legend in the television business, is interested in the sport. That’s big for the sport as a whole. But as far as monster (expletive) announcements and things that are huge, there is nothing bigger than the fact that the UFC signed (expletive) Anheuser Busch. They are the top sports marketing company in the world. They are No. 1, and when I say they are No. 1, No. 2 is so far below them it is not even funny. It’s gonna be big. I look at more, ‘Hey, it’s great. We got Bud Light as a sponsor. That’s fantastic.’ But these guys are going to be strategic partners for us. And I don’t think people really realize what that means and what that’s going to do for the UFC and fighters for the next couple of years.”

On the UFC being the big leagues, no matter what:

“You think of this. You come over to my house this weekend and we kick back and watch TV. We put on (expletive) NASCAR. We’re like, ‘Holy (expletive). Look at all the (expletive) people at this race. All those fans and this and that. These guys got television deals and merchandise deals and all this crazy (expletive). You know what? Let’s steal two of their drivers, and let’s start our own (expletive) company. We’ll call it (expletive), you know, GASCAR instead of (expletive) NASCAR.’ That’s how (expletive) stupid it is. It’s the exact same thing, you know. NASCAR is huge. Nobody is going to jump out and start competing with NASCAR. But small races go on every weekend all over the country. All these guys eventually want to make it to NASCAR and become professional drivers.

On the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter:

“It’s awesome bro. It’s so (expletive) awesome. I’m telling you right now, I’m so proud of the kids on this season. These (expletive) guys came to fight. They came to fight and anybody who is a fight fan, at the end of the day, what you want to see is great fights. I think that’s one of the things, when you talk about the UFC, that’s one of the things that we deliver on. When you pay your money, whether it’s for pay-per-view or you buy a ticket to the event, you get to see not just one great fight, a (expletive) whole night of greatt fights. One of the things that we’ve always wanted to bring back, and I think we’ve been successful, is bringing back great fights on free TV. For the fights you are going to see on this season of The Ultimate Fighter, and it doesn’t cost you a (expletive) dime, I’m telling you it’s the best entertainment on television.”

This interview is a very good read and I highly suggest taking a look at the rest of it. The above is just the highlights. Dana seems incredibly angry for some reason. There are parts of the interview where he’s asked a question and he doesn’t even attempt to answer it, he just goes on a ridiculous rant for awhile. And for as much as he says the rest of the organizations aren’t doing anything, he sure talks about them a lot and gives them a lot of play. Anyways, like I said, I highly suggest reading the whole thing. It seems that Dana is on edge.

  • bjjdenver says:

    (expeletive) man! I pretty much (expletive) agree with every point he (expeletive) made!

    AB is bigger than EXC on CBS.
    UFC is the top dog right now.
    And the HBO deal not happening as planned had as much or more to do with HBO than it did Dana/UFC.

    I can’t (expletive) believe I am agreeing so much with (expletive) Dana!

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  • Rich says:

    for real, (expletive)!

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  • mike wolfe says:

    You gotta give White some (expletive) credit for always being on point. He lives and (expletive) breathes UFC, and he always keeps the org. front and (expletive) center in interviews. He understands the importance and value of the brand, and has a strategic plan to expand and strengthen it. There may be some (expletive) hype in what he says, but he’s usually (expletive) right. In the minds of most fans, MMA is synonymous with UFC. UFC/White are totally (expletive) focused, so I don’t see that chaning any time soon. As huge (expletive) MMA fan, it (expletive) works for me.


    Ok, those last two were (expletive) gratuitous, but I’m on a (expletive) roll here.

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  • Dukes says:

    Dana White gives the other MMA organizations “so much play” because he is continually asked about them. If you reporters/journalists would stop asking about them, he wouldn’t mention them.

    I found it very interesting that Bob Arum turned down a CBS time buy. What does it say that Shaw/Deluca went for that deal? It might not be a time buy straight out, but my guess is that the deal is HEAVILY favors CBS in terms of ad dollars and finances.

    Dana’s point about NASCAR is SPOT ON. Remember the XFL? People were saying it would be great if football fans had a choice. True – if you have two equal products. Bad competition just cheapens the product. If EXC pulls the DJ/goofy dancer chick thing on TV, it will most definitely look like a cheap, watered-down version of the UFC.

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  • Paul Hanna says:

    yeah [expletive] dana seems [expletive] upset. i dont know what the [expletive] is up with all the [expletive] expletives.

    he just sounds like a [expletive] angry little [expletive] man.

    [expletive] [expletive].

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  • cyphron says:

    Dana White doesn’t mince words. He just speaks the truth.

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  • orlando says:

    You know what gets me mad is how he said after that street fight in the ultimate fighter i dont want to make mma look bad because these guys are fighting…..dude that guy curses like a sailor, and it seems like he does it more then he has to. Honestly yeah man hes a jerk man….im not a ufc hater like so many people are though …i personally like the ufc they have great fighters, and a great organization….i like all MMA in general so its all good man….i think he makes the sport like bad….

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  • joe says:

    3 years from now he’s teaching hip hop aerobics in some local

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  • Echolocating says:

    Thanks for digging up this interview, Adam. Great stuff.

    As for Dana’s disposition, he just sounds excited to me. I didn’t sense any anger, but who knows. Maybe when you’re forced to answer the same questions over and over and over again… maybe there was a little frustration there.

    I think Dana mentions the other organizations because he genuinely feels that the UFC is the big leagues and the other guys are the minor leagues. Does the NHL not mention the AHL at all? There no competition between the two and it’s the same difference with the UFC and it’s “competitors.” In North America, it’s the UFC… followed by a bunch of investors trying to cash in on the action.

    This Kool-Aid is really tasty. ;-)

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  • Evan says:

    I cringe when I hear him cuss but it’s better than a buttoned up clone like other “commissioners.” Do you guys really want a David Stern type fella?

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  • slimm says:

    As much as everyone hates on him for essentially not giving into Fedors demands and not resigning AA (as of yet), the guy runs a pretty good show well honestly the best show around, and most of his competitors are failing (M1, IFL, so on) EXC is interesting because they have a chance because they are trying to improve all the time “co~hosting” shows bringing in up and coming talent (kimbo) and getting established talent (yves edwards) they have a strong oppritunity to help make mma stronger, but one thing is true Dana runs the best show with the best talent (collectively) than anybody else, now go re~sign AA and go get the top HW in the world you (expletive), cheers

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  • Rich says:

    i don’t (expletive) know.. (expletive) Dana’s pretty much right..
    the whole (expletive) NASCAR thing sounded (expletive) stupid at the beginning, but then it started to (expletive) make sense.. i mean, i’m (expletive) glad there’s other (expletive) organizations and (expletive).. but in all (expletive) reality, THE (expletive) UFC IS ON (expletive) TOP.. and it DID pretty much single (expletive) handedly “create” MMA.. Dana just (expletive) took it and made it a whole lot (expletive) better.. bottom (expletive) line….(expletive)….

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  • el boxeo says:

    dana white doesnt realize that its stupid to compare the ufc to nascar…. doesnt even make sense…

    what dana should be AND IS afraid of is how fast mma (and the ufc ) will pretty much fall into the same ways as boxing… cause you know its comming…

    1.the birth of the commisions that dont promote the fighters is a couple of years away (ie. wbc, wbo, ibf) just like boxing..

    2.the demise of the ufc (wwe) type buisness where they control everyting and no cross promotions occur… that stuff is okay in wrestling cause every thing is scripted and they are pretty much employees of the company like i am at my job.. meaning that if they need to drop the belt they have too…

    you cant control fighters wanting more money based on their accomplishments… and the more money that comes in the more the ufc will have to deal with fighters wanting some of that… does anybody think that the sponser ship with bud light is really gonna affect the pocketbooks of hte fighters…

    3. UFC in five years will be like a boxing promotion… like golden boy or top rank.. they will have thier fighters (stars) but they will be forced to co promote with other new promotions representing other fighters… JUST LIKE BOXING… i know some of you dont belive this can happen but when salaries rise cause of the fighters.. not all fighters will want to be under the ufc banner TAKING LESS THAN WHAT THEY ARE WORTH (either in thier eyes or in the eyes of somebody paying them) just so that the ufc can look strong…

    you can already see this start to happen with couture, ortiz, aa, and other fighters…dana seems to think that just cause he has spike tv and the ultimate fighter as a way for the public to get to know new fighters THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANOTHER ORGANIZATION TO REPLICATE IT….

    4. any comparison to any major league sport makes no sense.. because a league like the nfl HAS 30 DIFFRENT OWNERS AND MARKETS… UNITED UNDER ONE LEAGUE… but they are diffrent entities… so the xfl v. nfl or gascar v. nascar makes no sense becuase all those teams in the nfl OR ALL THOSE CAR TEAMS IN NASCAR ARE diffrent companies competing under one league… and this will happpen in mma soon enough when you have diffrent “TEAMS” LIKE THE UFC, DREAM, ELITE XC, ETC fight and have promtioions under the a sanctioning banner… kinda like boxing has diffrent promotions that all fight (gbp, top rank, don king) under those WBA, WBO , IBF rules and titles… same thing will happen to them

    and dana white… if hendrick motorsports and joe gibbs racing decided to start their own RACING LEAGUE with their drivers … you best belive nascar would turn into gascar real quick…

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  • el boxeo says:

    dana knows whats comming…

    land of the wild wild west just like boxing…

    mo money mo problems…

    im pretty sure some of the problems with the hbo deal have to do with hbo wanting to use or follow what works for them in boxing and dana white pretty much wanting to stay clear away from that as possilbe… thats the hold up…

    cause you saw how the cbs and showtime deal came through and that was pretty much run through with gary shaw who knows the boxing model and there were no problems…

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  • Adam Morgan says:


    I’ll take a Roger Goodell over a Dana White any day of the week.

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  • mattio says:

    Dana White is a hero. He went from being a doorman to running a very successful company. His antics are amusing and the only people who have a problem with them are the MMA fans who take the sport way too seriously.

    The Fedor bullshit turned out to be just that- bullshit. Look at what happens when an org bows to a fighter’s every whim- they don’t even get off the ground. Fedor fans are the worst in the world and actually seem to like that he dodges competition and plays games outside the ring, instead of fighting inside of it.

    Luke Thomas had a chance to back Dana White, but instead he sided with the lackeys who give him a bad time. The MMA media is full of people who like giving Dana White a bad time. They should back off and let him do his thing, unfettered by their annoying ways.

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  • mike says:

    i dont think he sounds angry. he sounds like Dana, entertaining as always.

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