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Is Frank Mir next?

With the recent news that Brandon Vera will be taking on Fabricio Werdum in June, Frank Mir looks to be the man to benefit the most. Coming off a 90 second win against Brock Lesnar, Mir appears next in line to challenge for the UFC “interim” heavyweight championship.

Interestingly enough, not even Mir is sure that he has earned the title shot. When asked if the in over Lesnar by itself was enough to earn a title shot, Mir replied:

With the way the heavyweight division is – one more win (is needed). One more win against a guy that is near the top, and I’ll probably be there,” said Mir.

But based on the current status of the heavyweight division, there are no other current heavyweights in the UFC that can be marketed for a title shot. Unless Andrei Arlovski suddenly resigns with the UFC, all signs point to former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir going against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the championship sometime this summer.

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