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Report: Roy Jones, Jr. interested in boxing match with Anderson Silva

This story has some serious legs. First it was Anderson Silva’s comments during the post fight interview at UFC 82 after defeating Dan Henderson when he said he would like to box. Then it’s his manager Ed Soares coming out and telling Sherdog that Silva is dead serious about boxing and that he’d like to fight Roy Jones, Jr. And now Soares is stirring the pot again according to MMA Weekly:

“I just spoke with Roy Jones’ management and they are very interested in it. They think it would break all kinds of pay-per-view records. It all kind of started as a dream of Anderson’s, but if the UFC would back it, it is something that we really would like to pursue.”

Jones’ management indicated that this could be a fight that would bring together the fractured factions of boxing and mixed martial arts. “They think it will actually bring together the boxing and MMA communities,” said Soares.

Jones is currently headed out of the country until next week, but his management told Soares that he was “flattered and excited” by Silva’s interest in a boxing match with him. The parties are expected to talk again once Jones returns.

Where the hell is Dana White while all this is going down? I’d love to hear what he has to say about all this. He’s been all for a boxer stepping into the Octagon, but what about his prize champion stepping into the boxing ring with one of the all-time greats? You have to think it won’t be too long until Dana weighs in on this topic in order to either squash it or promote it. The question is which side will he take?

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