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Shamrock vs. Shamrock on the rocks?

That might be the case, according to Dave Meltzer at Yahoo! Sports:

But the financial backers for a proposed early 2009 fight have gotten very concerned in recent days after Ken lost on March 8 night to the unheralded Robert “Buzz” Berry in London.

Frank noted they would have paid Ken not to fight, but Ken was confident going in that he was at little risk in taking the fight. In doing so, he has put the value of the much bigger fight at risk. Frank feels the type of casual sports fan that would be intrigued by the “Blood Brothers” promotion due to the story isn’t likely to have seen Ken’s most recent fight.

Shamrock also talked with Ortiz, whose UFC contract ends after his May 24 fight, about having a rematch in late 2009 as the ten year anniversary of their original match.

Frank is probably right about the casual fan not having seen Ken’s latest fight against Robert “Buzz” Berry, but the hardcore fans know better than that. Judging from Ken’s last fight, a fight against Frank would probably not be very competitive at all. The fight that makes a lot more sense is the fight against Tito Ortiz, a rematch of a classic UFC bout from Shamrock’s heyday with the organization. Frank and Tito might be the two biggest trash talkers in mixed martial arts today and would be able to put some serious hype behind the fight. That fact coupled with the right promotion, and the fact that it has the potential to be a very good fight, could mean big bucks for an organization that’s not named UFC.

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