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NJACB tried to prevent Houston Alexander from fighting Silva one hour before fight at UFC 78

This is probably a tidbit of information that not many people know about. From Yahoo! Sports:

A member of the New Jersey Athletic Control Board walked into the room and told Alexander and Doyle the fight was off because Alexander only has one kidney.

Alexander had donated a kidney to one of his daughters several years earlier, but he’d always passed his pre-fight physicals with no problems. But New Jersey, fearful of a lawsuit should something untoward happen, opted at the last minute to prevent Alexander from fighting.

The reasoning was that with just one kidney, he wouldn’t have a backup if something happened to it. Manager Monte Cox, UFC president Dana White and Doyle were pleading Alexander’s case.

According to the report, this was roughly an hour before the fight. Wouldn’t something like this have been caught during the proper medical procedures that take place before the event even happens? How does the New Jersey Athletic Control Board not know that Alexander only has one kidney? Or if they did know, why wait until the very last minute to stop the fight from happening?

Obviously Dana White and Co. got their way and Silva thrashed Houston that night, but to throw that at a fighter just an hour before the fight is supposed to happen is a little unprofessional in my opinion. If the NJACB knew that Alexander only had one kidney, they should have addressed the situation when that information was posed to them, not an hour before the fight.

UPDATE: click for rebuttal from NJACB’s Nick Lembo 

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