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“Cyborg” Santos Off Shamrock vs. Le Card

Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos is off the March 29th EliteXC/Strikeforce card, where he was supposed to face Joe Villasenor, according to recent comments made to MMA Weekly from Strikeforce VP Mike Afromowitz:

“He has been having visa problems in Brazil,” Strikeforce vice president Mike Afromowitz told “The delay in his arrival would jeopardize him getting licensed in time for the fight.”

“There are a few guys that we are considering,” said Afromowitz, “but we’re still looking to finalize a replacement.” He was hopeful that an announcement would be forthcoming soon.

This is truly a bummer. Santos is as exciting a fighter as they come, even though he may not be the best or most technical fighter out there. His wild Chute Boxe style and his ability to absorb punishment usually make for great fights. Villasenor has been known to stand and bang as well, so this fight had the potential to be one of the better undercard bouts. We’ll keep you posted as soon as an announcement has been made in regards to a replacement.

  • Davey D says:

    That just flat out SUCK’S. I was really looking forward to seeing Cyborg again. The Chute Boxe style is extremly well rounded in all the faces of MMA and is a major reason why soooo many people train there, past and present.

    Tony is no slouch either so I hope they can find someone suitable.

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  • paddiosf says:

    the US is tough on Visa’s entry’s into our country..It reallly sucks because I just got back from Brasil and it took me only a week to have my Visa approved by there Consulate…it was simple no questions ask..It’s to bad because I’m going to that fight in San Jose and I was looking forward to seeing Cyborg..

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  • Davey D says:

    I wonder if Sean Salomon is able to fight in this one? I know it’s short notice but he is a 185er now and could very well end up victorius.

    #2, I sure it suck’s for Cyborg because he could probably use that income for his family. I think he should be in the UFC. He has fought at the highest level’s for quite a while now and this whole bit could very well be blessing in disguise. Have a good time at the show man. I wish I could make it out there that night. Fireworks baby, it’s going down.


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  • cyph says:

    Anyone know if this will be on PPV or Showtime? I checked my Dish schedule and Showtime and the PPV channel both shows an EliteXC event. However, the Showtime schedule has no description and it’s only for two hours vs the PPV’s 3 hour with Shamrock and Cung Le’s name on it.

    If I added Showtime for nothing, I’m going to be very angry.

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  • keenan says:

    sorry as much as i love cyborg and love to watch him fight, he couldnt hang in the ufc

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