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“Preliminary” talks between Anderson Silva and Roy Jones, Jr. take place to discuss boxing match

Like I said before, this story seems to have some serious legs. Every time the hype about it dies down a little bit, a new nugget of information gets passed along, this time from NBC Sports:

Representatives of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and boxing great Roy Jones Jr. are actively engaging in talks that would pit the two in a boxing match, has learned.

Alan Hopper, director of public relations for Don King Productions confirmed that talks are ongoing, and characterized them as “preliminary.”

“Roy likes the idea and is up for it,” Hopper said. “It’s being discussed. Roy will only agree if the match takes place under the rules of boxing, and UFC would have to clear Silva’s participation.”

The one sticking point in this whole deal is obviously going to be whether or not Dana White would clear Anderson Silva to do a one-off boxing match with Roy Jones, Jr. My gut feeling is that he would never allow Silva to do such a thing. We’re talking about a guy who has been approached about putting on the biggest fight in mixed martial arts history, Randy Couture vs. Fedor, and has turned it down.

If he’s so unwilling to help out his own sport because it may be beneficial to another promotion, what in the world makes anyone think that he will help out the sport of boxing by allowing his middleweight champion to step into a boxing ring with one of the all-time greats? It just doesn’t make sense. The fact that Dana has yet to say anything concrete regarding this matter is baffling to me. Is he seriously considering it? Maybe. But when he does say something, I’m putting my money on him squashing it once and for all.

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