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Exclusive Interview: Frank Shamrock shares last-minute thoughts on Cung Le fight; states that he and brother Ken Shamrock were never close; reveals settlement with the UFC; and more!

23765_eeiclgduqf_vlarge.jpgWith just less than 36 hours left until his Strikeforce middleweight title defense against Cung Le on Saturday in San Jose, defending champion Frank Shamrock was gracious enough to take time out and speak exclusively with ( The transcription of that conversation is now available for your reading pleasure.

Sam Caplan: In a recent interview you made the accusation in an interview with that Ken Shamrock has been using steroids his whole life. published a statement earlier this week in which Ken made a full denial of your claims. Do you stand by your statement?

Frank Shamrock: Oh yeah. Yeah. I apologize; I thought it was common knowledge. I don’t know why Ken would lie about it. I was the guy who picked him up after he had his bitch tits removed. In our family it was common knowledge.

Sam Caplan: From my perspective, it just seems kind of crazy that you would throw your own brother under the bus like that. After making the accusation was there any second guessing on your part? Is there any remorse on your part or do you feel the comments were justified?

Frank Shamrock: (Laughs) Someone asked me a question and I answered what the truth was. If Ken has taken offense to it then he should own up to it. If he didn’t do steroids he should say so. He shouldn’t lie to the public and pretend like he didn’t. We all knew that he did. My father knows that he did. It was common knowledge to anybody and everybody in our family and in our camp. But it’s the past. I don’t really care about it. I didn’t say to try and hurt Ken. I said it because someone asked me about the steroid problem in the sport and if I knew anybody that had done it and I told him the truth. And I told him the reason why I would never do it and it was because I saw what had happened to Ken.

Sam Caplan: Have you spoken to Ken or anyone from his camp after you made the accusation?

Frank Shamrock: Uh, after I told the truth I have not spoken to anybody. It’s not an accusation. It’s the absolute truth and whether Ken wants to admit it or not, it’s the truth.

Sam Caplan: There have been some people who feel the “Blood Brothers” aspect has been over-hyped. They claim that you weren’t even introduced to Ken until later in life and because you were adoptive brothers and that the two of you were never really close. How do you respond to something like that?


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