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Interview With UFC Lightweight Frankie Edgar

I recently had the chance to catch up with UFC lightweight Frankie Edgar to discuss his upcoming bout at UFC Fight Night 13 against former TUF contestant Gray Maynard. We talked about the upcoming fight, the altitude in Denver, where Frankie’s been doing most of his training recently, and much more!

Adam Morgan: A lot of people are saying that the roles should have been reversed on the card. That you should be fighting Kenny Florian and that Joe Lauzon should be fighting Gray Maynard. Do you feel that should have been the case? 

Frankie Edgar: I don’t know, man. I don’t really look to much into that stuff, you know? Gray is gonna be one hell of a tough opponent so I’m just worried about that. Instead of focusing on that, I’ll just focus on the fight.

Adam Morgan: Is Kenny Florian someone you’d like to fight in the future? 

Frankie Edgar: Absolutely. He’s one of the big dogs in the division so in order to work my way up I’m sure I’m going to have to fight him. It only makes sense.

Adam Morgan: We conducted some interviews with Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck and they said you’ve been out at American Kickboxing Academy training with all those guys out there. How has that experience been for you? 

Frankie Edgar: It’s been great, man. Those guys are phenomenal fighters and just a good bunch of guys out there, coaches as well as training partners.

Adam Morgan: Is there an aspect of your game that you’ve been really trying to focus on while you’ve been out there? 

Frankie Edgar: Just overall they have such a good, complete camp. With Dave Camarillo being the jiu jitsu coach I definitely have a pretty good relationship with him. He’s helped me out tremendously in that aspect of the game. And Fitch, Koscheck, and Thomson just being able to have those guys jumping in on me was just another great thing for me.

Adam Morgan: Are you still training with the Rhino Fight Team? 

Frankie Edgar: No, I really don’t train out of Rhino. I train with a couple of their guys. I’m all over the place, man, I’m like a nomad. I don’t really train out of Rhino, no.

Adam Morgan: So you’re sort of hopping around all over the place just trying to get a taste of what everyone else is doing?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah. A bunch of guys kind of travel with me so I’m still training with the core group of guys that I’ve always been.

Adam Morgan: Some pundits are saying that Gray Maynard’s wrestling is better suited for MMA than yours. Do you have anything to say to people who doubt your wrestling for MMA? 

Frankie Edgar: Nah, man (laughs). People are gonna talk, so it is what it is. Mine has been doing me good thus far.
Adam Morgan:
Maynard said in an interview back in January that he specifically thought a fight with you would be “a good scrap.” Do you agree with that statement?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, absolutely. We’re gonna scrap pretty well and I expect this fight to pretty much touch everywhere. Being that we both have wrestling backgrounds it could really end up anywhere. 

Adam Morgan: Does it surprise you that Maynard has been knocking people out recently since he does have such a strong wrestling background?

Frankie Edgar: No, not at all. I watched one of his tapes and he definitely has some heavy hands. He commits to his punches pretty good, so it doesn’t surprise me. 

Adam Morgan: With a win over Maynard do you feel that you’re any closer to a title shot?

Frankie Edgar: I don’t know, as long as you keep winning and fighting tough guys it’s inevitable. It only works itself out that way. If you don’t lose and continue to beat tough guys then eventually it’s gonna take care of itself.

Adam Morgan: If things keep going like they’re going and you keep winning, we may be calling you the Jon Fitch of the lightweight division.

Frankie Edgar: Hey, that’s a good comparison, man. My boy Jon’s a badass. 

Adam Morgan: Do you expect the altitude to be a factor in regards to cardio during the fight?

Frankie Edgar: I really don’t think so. I’ll get out there early enough and I’ll get acclimated for it and I’ve competed at high altitude before and I adjusted well. 

Adam Morgan: You’ve competed in MMA at high altitude before?

Frankie Edgar: No, I’ve wrestled at high altitude before. 

Adam Morgan: Are there any studs you’ve been coaching at Rutgers that are thinking about making the move to MMA after college?

Frankie Edgar: We’ll see. Only time can tell with these guys. I tell them to just focus on wrestling here and now. There’s some guys with a good work ethic that I think would transfer into MMA well, though. 

Adam Morgan: Would you ever consider fighting at 145 lbs.? You seem like a guy that could get down to that weight and be a really big 145’er.

Frankie Edgar: Right now, no. But I can make the weight so it’s totally an option. But as far as now, no. 

Adam Morgan: What’s your current contract status right now? How many fights do you have left?

Frankie Edgar: I think I have two more fights left on this contract. 

Adam Morgan: Are you planning on trying to renegotiate with the UFC once this contract is up?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, absolutely. I think they’re the best organization to fight for. I’m happy with them and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

Adam Morgan: Many of the major websites and news publications labeled your fight with Tyson Griffin as the best fight of 2007. That has to feel good, right?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, it’s always nice to get recognized for your efforts. That was one tough fight and it’s just nice for people to notice that stuff. 

Adam Morgan: I’ve seen you cornering a lot of guys at the Ring of Combat events and other smaller shows. Is coaching something that you’d like to get into once your time in the sport is done?

Frankie Edgar: Absolutely. I’d definitely like to open up my own school or something like that. I enjoy coaching and I’ve been doing it probably ever since I’ve been competing. It just goes hand in hand with what I’m into.

Adam Morgan: Any sponsors you’d like to thank?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, definitely. Premier Fighter who will sponsor me for these next couple of fights coming up. also and just check out my website, and that’s about it.

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