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Anderson Silva won’t be allowed to box Roy Jones

According to the April 2 print edition of the Wrestling Observer, UFC president Dana White confirmed to Dave Meltzer that Anderson Silva will not be permitted to fight Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match.

According to Meltzer, the UFC told Silva’s camp there is no sense for them to sell the match to the public because they won’t sign off on it and in the end it will look like Jones is backing out.

The report goes on to say that that Silva’s camp responded that the speculation started due to an off-hand remark made to a report. Meltzer goes on the add though that while he was not the reported who asked the initial question, when talking to Silva’s camp about a next opponent that Silva’s camp told him Silva wanted Jones.

From the UFC’s perspective, denying Silva the opportunity to pursue a match with Jones is the right move. Even at 39, Jones still would have a decisive advantage in a boxing rules bout. With all that has been invested in Silva, to risk having him beaten decisively in a high-profile match just doesn’t behoove the UFC.

But looking at things from Silva’s perspective, the match makes more sense than some realize. A fight with Jones would likely garner him the biggest payday of his career and the notoriety that would come from such a high-profile fight would make him a household name.

Now that the UFC has basically spoken, they need to figure out what’s next for their middleweight champion. To me, Yushin Okami seems like a no-brainer. But assuming Silva gets past Okami, what then? Maybe a fight with Jones is out of the question but at some point the UFC will need to get creative when seeking opposition for their one-man dynasty.


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